Orchid substrate DCM 8L

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Ideal for all types of orchids.

Unique characteristics:

Of natural origin It mainly contains pieces of tree bark but also a small amount of peat

It has a stable structure

Facilitates water drainage

It offers good ventilation at the roots


Carefully remove the old soil, taking care not to injure the roots. Soak the special Gemma substrate for orchids. Place a layer of liquid substrate on the bottom of the pot. Place the plant in the pot, gently pressing the roots into the pot. Fill the pot with orchid substrate. Make sure you distribute the substrate evenly. Beat the pot lightly so that the substrate is better distributed at the roots. It is important that the plant is well anchored to the substrate. Again, be careful not to damage the fleshy roots and avoid squeezing the substrate too much. After placing the plant in the new pot, let it pass for a few days before watering it again. Thus, the roots will have enough time to recover from possible injury during transplanting. Excessively moist substrate can damage the plant's roots.

Product description:

Orchids are extremely sensitive plants and need special protection against root rot. Good drainage and a well-ventilated substrate are essential conditions to avoid excess water in the roots. The Gemma orchid substrate manages to achieve this goal and help them grow healthily.

Advice! It is recommended to water at most once a week with rain or deionized water. Avoid exposing the plant to places where air currents or direct sunlight are generated. Use special fertilizers for Orchids such as Fytopan for Orchids, according to their instructions for use. Cut the withered branches under the third knot to stimulate the formation of new flowers. To speed up the new flowering, place the plant in a new pot in a cooler place (15-20'C) and reduce watering for at least a month.


Resin tree nests and peat bogs. Dry substance: 35%, Organic substance: 80%, Ph: 6.4, conductivity: 30mS / m, water capacity: 560ml 

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