Lumatek Kit 630W CMH DE

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The Lumatek 630 W CMH DE kit consists of a Lumatek 630 W DE CMH lamp and a controlled and digitally adjustable 630 W DE CMH transformer.

The CMH Ceramic Metal Halide (DE) high-frequency pulsed lamp is designed for use with Lumatek digital ballast, using high quality ceramic tube technology and working with a specific gas mixture to create optimal spectral performance for healthy growth of the vegetables.

CMH technology generates high PAR / PPF energy levels while keeping heat production levels low, across the spectrum simulating closer to sunlight, giving healthier plant growth and at the same time higher efficiency. With color rendering time measured by the CRI index and having rate> 90%, CMH technology is ideal for growing high quality products and extracting essential oil.

Lumatek 630 W Dual End (DE) bulbs are available in 4200 K Daylight and 3100 K Agro. They are also known as CMH / CDM / LEC. These bulbs are more stable than traditional single-ended Halide (MH) metal bulbs and this allows them to increase light intensity and PAR / PPF output by up to 50%, compared to similar standard MH bulbs.

The PCA ceramic tube allows the lamp to operate at higher indoor temperatures, thus increasing color efficiency, output and quality. At the same time, it resists the interaction with the chemicals inside the tube, stabilizing the chemical mixture during the life of the lamp, improving the color consistency and maintaining the high level of PAR / PPF. Pulse-start technology allows for faster start-up and recovery time at the same time with increased performance levels.

The reliable ballast of Lumatek 630 W DE Controllable and Dimmable CMH, has been successfully used in cultivation facilities around the world, using high frequency technology for the efficient operation of 630 W CMH DE lamps.

The new addition of the control feature allows easy monitoring and adjustment of the environment of the development area (lighting, East / West, digital reduction of 1%, etc.). All of the above simply by connecting the Lumatek digital panel (sold separately), with the TRS '' Link 'port on the ballast.

For safety reasons, the Lumatek 630 W DE CMH digital ballast uses full circuit protection, including open / short circuit, overheating, overvoltage / low voltage, lamp life, correction and EMI suppression.

With the kit of Lumatek 630 W CMH DE we have:

More Light - Less Heat - Full Spectrum - Higher Efficiency


-Electric Voltage: 240 V 50/60 Hz

-Electricity: 3.2 A

-Input Power (Input Power): 668 W

-Output Power (Output Power): 630 W

-Voltage Range: 185 - 275 V

- Power Factor:> 0.97

-TDH: <10%

-CF: <1.7

-Operating Frequency (Operating frequency): High frequency

-No noise, no flicker

- Ambient temperature for full load operation: 40 C

-Inclosure Temperature Rise (Δt): 30 C

-Ballast IP rated: IP20

-Humidity: 90%

 -Complete Circuit Protection: Open / short circuit, temperature overheating, overvoltage / low voltage, end of life / lamp correction.

-EMI suppression control

-Dimensions: 320x114x81 mm

-Weight: 3.8 kg

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